Georgi and Matt's Late Fall North of Boston Wedding

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Sunday, January 28, 2018
By Freestyle Weddings

Georgi and Matt’s Cozy Late Fall Wedding in Peabody, MA

One day last summer, we got an email from Georgi inquiring about her wedding happening on the weekend following Thanksgiving. Honestly, that email was so endearing that we wanted to reach through the computer and hug her. We would have done just about anything to book her because she was so gracious and appreciative and sweet and we couldn’t imagine not photographing her big day.

The only thing about it was a Jehova Witness wedding. We have no ill-will toward Jehova Witnesses, but we’ve never (ever) photographed a Jehova wedding! We were SO concerned that we would do something (or not do something) to cause everyone to cringe. Hahaha - so silly right? It was the best ceremony ever! The love in that room was palpable. It was quite comical to us that during the ceremony, everyone (seriously) was staring at their phones and iPads. It was so strange to see. We did figure it out though - they were following along with their digital copies of the Bible.

Georgi and Matt were as adorable as we knew they would be (we didn’t meet until their wedding day). After getting ready at the Marriott in Peabody, we headed over to Kingdom Hall for the ceremony. Then it was back to the Marriott for their reception.

It was a lovely wedding and reception and we hope you enjoy looking through their images.

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